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IV ILLUSTRATIONS Page Plate 30 A Banded disseminated ore deposit No 20 Red Mountain 167 B Chromite lens cut by fresh ollvine dikelets deposit No 11 Claim Point 167 31o A Drag fold in chromite deposit No 24 Red Mountain

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rounded by meta-rhyolitic volcaniclastic rocks Textures of the ore range from massive banded disseminated and irregular Magnetite is the dominantiron-bearingore mineral andoccurswith pyrrhotite py-rite and chalcopyrite Gangue minerals include diopside

In-situ LA-ICP-MS trace elemental analyses of magnetite …

• Note Includes allowance for mining recovery 98 for massive magnetite ore and 95 for banded and disseminated ore and mining dilution applied as a 1 metre dilution skin resulting in a North Pit dilution for massive magnetite ore of 13 at 0 45 V 2 O 5 2

PDF Banded Iron Formations and associated Detrital Iron …

Start studying Chap 5 ES 1000 Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools Can increase b c new and inexpensive methods of processing lower grade ore can be developed and can become profitable if the price of the metal in

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Ore types are dominated by pegmatitic carbonatitic breccia and stringer stockwork and disseminated ores mainly composed of barite fluorite aegirine-augite …

Ore beds reach a thickness of about 30m and lateral extensions up to 150 km 34 Oolitic iron ore is not banded and contains no primary colloidal silica Textural varieties include mainly ooids and pisoids but also fine grained iron ore particles in between

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Banded Disseminated Ore Flotation of banded hematite jasper ore banded hematite quartzite ore wiki ellul hematite a primary ore of iron and a pigment mineralhematite is the most important ore of iron and it has been used by people as banded iron formation close

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Micro-fabric characteristics of pyrite generations and their implications for genesis of Yunfu pyrite deposit Qinzhou-Hangzhou metallogenetic belt South China GUO Xiaoyu ZHENG Yi ZHOU Yongzhang NIU Jia YU Pengpeng School of Earth Sciences

Ore genesis and fluid evolution of the Kaladawan South …

Massive pyritic ore with some chalcopyrite pyrrhotite sphalerite and galena 60-90 sulphides accounts for at least 80 of the total mass of sulphides Cook 1996 There is also some semi-massive banded ore and disseminated ore besides also some rich


ciated ore the disseminated ore and the banded ore The massive ore is made up mostty of chalcopyrite some massive ores contain an assemblage of three to four minerals namely chalcopyrit pyrrhotite pyrite and sphalerite The brecciated ore the massive

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Various theories of ore genesis explain how the various types of mineral deposits form within the Earth s crust Ore-genesis theories vary depending on the mineral or commodity examined Ore-genesis theories generally involve three components source transport or conduit and trap This also applies to the petroleum industry petroleum


Abstract Mineragraphic study of the ore samples collected from Ingaldhal Cu mines shows that the ore are largely massive banded and disseminated in structure The primary minerals are pyrite arsenopyrite cobaltite sphalerite pyrrhotite galena and


types of mineralogy within the banded massive mineralisation category The skarn ore exists as a mixture of mostly pyrite and silica based skarns with some magnetite skarn and quartz-pyrite altered sediments Disseminated stockwork mineralisation was

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10 10 2008· c banded-iron formations d disseminated ore deposits 3 At a divergent boundary between spreading tectonic plates in oceanic crust a one plate subducts beneath the other b rock and magma rise to form the Mid-Oceanic Ridge c rock sinks to form

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Society of Economic Geologists Inc Reviews in Economic Geology Vol 15 Banded Iron Formation-Related High-Grade Iron Ore S Hagemann C Rosière J Gutzmer and N J Beukes Editors Additional copies of this publication can be obtained from Society of


Disseminated Ore sulphides Matrix Ore 40 - sulphides Banded Massive Ore sulphides Foliated Lens Banded Massive Ore Meta -Basalt cm Title Microsoft PowerPoint - Kambalda Geology ppt Author Hayley Created Date 6 25 2007 12 05 03 PM


PDF The northwestern portion of the Congo Craton in Cameroon Gabon and the Republic of Congo ROC comprises Archean Most Cu-Fe ores are massive or banded however disseminated ore …

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sive nodular and disseminated-banded ore with chromite content N75vol in massive chromitites and vary between 25 and 40 vol in nodular and disseminated-banded types The dunite typically con

banded disseminated ore

Chromite when presented as an ore or in massive form forms as fine granular aggregates The structure of the ore can be seen as platy with breakages along planes of weakness Chromite can also be presented in a thin section The grains seen in thineuhedral

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Magmatic Ore Deposits A number of processes that occur during cooling and crystallization of 6-This type have also massive disseminated antinodular and banded ores the last type show sedimentary feature such as slump and cross bedding deposits


EGYPTIAN IRON ORE DEPOSITS In Egypt economic iron ore deposits occur in two natures or forms i Iron ore deposit of sedimentary nature Ironstone Sedimentary iron ore deposit is a very limited occurrence being found only in the 2 localities in the Western

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Banded ore that contains both fluorite and aegirine gangue minerals is the most abundant and widespread type of banded ore at the Main and East Orebodies of Bayan Obo Because this ore type does not occur as a mappable unit it is incorporated in banded ore …

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The company producing chromite ore in Çirişli and Gökoğlan pits in Erzurum is building concentrators which will start to production in 2014 Erzurum Çat-Çirişli Chromite Pit Banded and disseminated ore has an average grade of 12 Cr 2 O 3 Based on drillings and

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3-ft vertical zone Of banded disseminated chromite striking N 30 W in serpen- tinized dunite Schlieren-banded disseminated chromitite in dunite with one layer of massive ore to in thick Zone trends N 209 E and dips steeply east One narrow zone of banded